For every need, an ùniko product.

ùniko is a point of reference for anyone seeking an attentive supplier, and with a range well-suited to meet many of the demands of today's market. ùniko is part of Gesteco, a major company whose greatest strength lies in the research and development of products designed to protect the environment. That's why our range includes bio-mortars, the fruit of ancient skills and knowledge handed down to our time; or aggregates and sands produced in a cycle that imitates nature's own. Our mortars are our real strength, with a range of products free of chemical additives, tried and tested for years in the field to give strength and resistance. We have also focused all our skills and know-how into solutions for the DIY world. Simple to use, with the same characteristics as professional products. When you speak to ùniko, you know you are dealing with professional consultants, people who know their products and offer accurate service. All ùniko products are supplied in handy 5 or 25 kg sacks. Instructions for use are simple and clear.

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